Dreaming, Dancing, & DRESSES


Hailey Sueimg_5671 is the sweetest little princess in all the land, and her prince’s name is “daddy”. Whether she is walking down the grocery isle with mommy, or hanging out at the soccer fields with mom & dad, she will most likely be seen wearing her favorite princess dress, or any dress for that matter, with her pants underneath and a coat over top (ugh, thank you mom! ha ha). Lately her obsession has been with Tangled and Trolls, and I’m positive that with each new day I will be asking “Google” to play each soundtrack at some point. (Oh technology…what would we do without our Google home? I’d bet we wouldn’t have had the whole Troll’s soundtrack memorized before thimg_7386e movie was even out on DVD!) At breakfast, lunch, or dinner we are bound to be having a dance party in the kitchen to our favorite songs from either of those movies, with Moana coming in a strong third.

Everyday she is the star of a different movie, and will most often be found acting out her favorite scenes. To us it’s normal every day life with our sweet Haybear, but to others in this some times dreary world, Hailey’s ability to imagine and dream completely catches people off guard. I love when she is in the middle of a store or simply just getting out of the car, and she starts to act out her favorite moment in “Tangled” because in her world it is simply timg_7392he perfect stage/setting, and it MUST be acted out. This also poses a little problem for her sometimes impatient parents who don’t always “have time” for the re-creation of “Trolls” right as we are loading up the car to head out. If anything, this little “problem” I’ve shared above has proven to teach me a thing or two about putting aside my ideal time-line sometimes and stepping into the imaginative world my daughter continually creates. I can’t help but wonder how our lives could improve if we simply made img_7370time to dream more, dance more, laugh more, and spread joy and love just a little more than we do currently. Our twirling little princess is teaching us daily how to smile more and find joy in the simplest of things! When I grow up I want to be just like her 🙂










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