Oh Cam Bam! How I love your love for swimming and anything involving water!

This little boy is hilarious and LOVES swimming with Miss Pam! He has been taking lessons from her ever since he turned 1 last March. He has come a long way and no longer cries at all when she is working with him. In fact, he now constantly begs me to go to Miss Pam’s and can’t wait to “shoot it” (shoot the ball in the hoop) while swimming. Two of his favorite things in his little world have come together and he is so excited about it!


Miss Pam teaches survival swim lessons and we have loved taking our kids to her. It’s provided peace of mind for us and confidence for our kids when in the water. Cam isn’t perfect at floating on his back yet, but he can do it by himself for about 10 seconds. His little legs just want to kick and come up, so Pam is working on getting his legs & hips to relax. He is working on relaxing into his float every day, and is getting better and better!


His favorite part of swim is when he gets to shoot the ball in the hoop, jump off the diving board, and ring the bell at the other end of the pool! I can’t believe how grown up our little dude is! Everyday is an adventure (and sometimes a headache, lol) with Cam, but I’m certain our life would be pretty boring without him! His love for life and persistence to keep trying things until he gets it right is admirable. I think it’s only fitting that his favorite movie is Finding Dori, and swimming is now his new favorite hobby; in addition to his first love, basketball, of course!





Interested in swim lessons with Pam?

Check out her blog:







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