This is the exact spot where Scott proposed! 

    I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be proposed to there by the man of my dreams! On January 12th we set out for Hawaii with Scott’s family. 397190_591516780501_1764083780_nIt was a long trip on the planes, but once we got there we were all super excited and ready to explore! We got our rental cars and headed for Laie where we rented a house for the week. Because we had 10 people, one of the couples had to split up. Scott told me that since we aren’t married yet, we should probably let the married couples drive together…lol…I didn’t think anything of it, but because he still needed to call my dad he took that hour long car ride to do so. Love that part! Trent and Whitney announced to the family on the way to our rental home that they were going to have another baby, so my mind was thinking about them, and how exciting that’s going to be! We stopped for some lunch at a little whole in the wall place that pretty much changed my life, as far as food goes, and I had no idea that he had just spoken with my dad. Crazy!

   We arrived at the house and got ready to go down to the beach. Trent and Whitney went down before us, and then we made it out the door second. I remember thinking, wow, we got out here before the rest of the family? I’m never one of the first to be anywhere! As we walked through the back yard and down the secret trail that lead to the beach, I was still completely oblivious. We walked out on to the beach and saw Whitney taking pictures of th396465_591517404251_1322673560_ne ocean in the distance. We started walking over towards her when I said, “I want to go lay in the sun…” He insisted that we walk over to Whitney, so we did. She didn’t have much to say, but apparently there were some secret signs being exchanged unbeknownst to me so that Whitney could show him where they hid the “message in a bottle.” We walked over to the bottle and he said, “Babe, look, it’s a message in a bottle!” I was soooo  excited, but refused to pick it up because I thought it was some drunk guys’ old bottle! LOL! He insisted that I pick it up and find out what’s inside. As I started to get the message out of the bottle the thought quickly crossed my mind, “This might be it!” Then I unraveled the message and saw the words “Will You Marry Me?”  I started to cry (shocking, lol), and turned to my right and there he was on one knee! It was seriously a dream409561_591517189681_418664730_n come true! The love of my life kneeling before me, sharing with me how much he loves me, and asking me if I will spend the rest of my life and eternity with him! In my head I said “YES!! OF COURSE!!” but I forgot to relay that message to him! He looked at me and said, “Well…?? What do you say??” And then I said, “YES!! OF COURSE!!” We hugged and kissed, and I continued to cry and take in this sweet, dream come true, and moment in time!

      Apparently his brother and sister in law were filming it from two different directions, and then we got some photos afterwards. The rest of his family came down to congratulate us and I couldn’t bel402051_591517369321_611415886_nieve the fact that everyone knew all day long that this was going to happen! It was amazing, and we both feel so very blessed to of met each other and know that Heavenly Father knew all along that our paths would cross at one point in time. We are so grateful to be sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple, and to have made sacred covenants together with our Heavenly Father. 


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