On September 8, 2009 I entered the Boise Idaho Mission field. Throughout the months I had no idea that while serving the Lord I would eventually have the blessing of meeting my future eternal companion. On June 25, 2010 I was transferred to the Nyssa, Oregon Stake. Scott’s dad was the Bishop of the Parma, Idaho 2nd Ward and as sister missionaries we worked very closely with him and his sweet wife. We got to know them pretty well, and during October of that year Scott moved home from Utah for a few months. He attended a baptism that we were holding for a few kids in their ward. I don’t quite remember seeing him at the baptism, but he remembers me! The next weekend my companion and I spoke in church and I remember spotting him out in the audience. He was wearing a blue shirt and looked very handsome, but of course these thoughts were kept to myself seeing as I was, after all, a missionary. The following week Bishop Weber was speaking to us sisters about some work going on in the area and I remember distinctly Scott standing there next to his dad. As Scott would say, “There were only 5 words that were ever exchanged between the two of us, and they were ‘Hey Sisters, how are you?” He says that if he were to talk to me anymore he would have started flirting, and that’s just not okay. Little did he know Sister So’oialo, my companion and I thought he was super good looking!

   About 3 weeks later I was transferred to Twin Falls and although I was 3 hours away, I kept in touch with his parents. At the end of my mission my parents came to pick me up and we visited the Webers out in Parma. Before we left their house, his mom, Connie, pulled me into the kitchen and told me, “If you are ever in Utah, Scott would love to take you on a date!” She said he had already added me on Facebook and then she gave me his information. I had a TON of butterflies enter my stomach at that moment! I was so surprised and excited that he was interested in me.

  I got home on March 15th, and we chatted here and there on March 19th, April 9th, April 14th. Then on May 30th we started talking a lot and began texting daily for a month and a half. We went on our first date on July 13th in Lincoln, Nebraska where he was installing security systems for Vivint, and I was on a vacation/road trip to Iowa with my parents. We went to Applebee’s and chatted for about 4 hours before we decided to go watch a movie at his place. I was super bummed after we had to part ways and my parents and I continued on our road trip to our family reunion in Iowa. The spark was big enough for us to keep in touch, and for the next 7 weeks we found ourselves skyping every night until about 1 or 2 in the morning. We couldn’t wait until our 2nd date when I flew up to Utah to be with him over Labor Day weekend. He then flew down for my birthday around the 1st of October, and then 2 weeks later I moved up to Utah to be closer to him. It was the best move I ever made! We are so happy together and feel so blessed to have met each other. Heavenly Father had a bigger and better plan in mind for the both of us, and we feel so blessed that our paths crossed at the right time in our lives.

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